Werribee Zoo

Don’t forget our excursion is coming up next week!!!

Check it out…



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  1. Dera Molony I woned you Ben the best teacher for 2 years and we all was very Sade for levering as from Yusra good bye l am going high point

    • Hi Yusra
      Receiving your email was a lovely surprise!
      I was sad too. I didn’t really want to leave Monmia because I will miss all the beautiful students like you!
      I have some wonderful memories of you all and I am very lucky to have taught you for 2 years!
      Please thank your beautiful mum for the Christmas gifts. My house smells beautiful and when I have a coffee I think of you.
      Thank you so much for writing to me- it made my day!
      Best wishes
      From Mrs Molony

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